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Got tagged by :iconsoukyan: :D


- Answer truth
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1)  Will you make me some tea? *puppy eyes*
Yes of course. Which one would you prefer? Lady Grey, Prince of Wales or Imperial Earl Grey. Please forgive me such narrow variety of choise, but unfortunatelly that is all I have at the moment.

2)  What's your most common sketch made out of boredom? Don't tell me only I do that ... -___-
Out of bordom.....Hmm when bored I usually draw some eyes on every pice of paper I have in my reach and chibis also. Strange right? >.>

3)  What type of artist you are?
I am no artist!

4)  What type of art you like to look at in dA?
Fanarts it's what I usually look at. But I like much much more XDD

5)  What's your fav color of all?
Black I s'pose. Blackest of Black and Blood red and Slytherin green (....Oh My... to much HP ^^')

6)  When are you most most happy (when THIS happens, when THAT is happening < I mean  )?
When new Kuro chapter arrives. That's obvious! When I have a good book to read and good tea to accompany me, when I meet with my friends :) And when somebody place my rubbish, which I post here, to favs. I still can't belive why they do that O.o But I thank you with all my heart.

7)  Will you tell me your real full name?
Soukyan you know my full name!

8)  Well, did you?
What?! What "did I" ? Well let's say I did :/

9)  Promise?
Promise what? You're doing it again! You're bored or what? Ok. Ok. I promise to write you a letter and send what I wanted to send before Christmas. Happy?

10)So now. Bye?

TAGGED: :icondeidaraakatsukifan3: ; :iconmeiro88:  ; :iconile-o:  ; :iconshaydh:  ; :icondrathe:  .

1)  What's the most awesome tea you've ever had?
2)  What's the title of a book you're reading or have read recently?
3)  Best fanfiction ever read?
4)  What art do you like most in dA?
5)  Fav colour?
6)  What makes you jum from joy?
7)  For how long are you drawing?
8)  Anime, manga?
9)  Fav video game?
10) Why are you actually doing this, hmm?


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I fear that if I try to colour my drawings, I'll ruin them.... For now I'll stay with black liner
XxmadmtvxX Featured By Owner Jun 21, 2011
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